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Three new Lukecage releases - out now!

Lukecage our resident hip hop guru is back with another three hot new libraries in REX and WAV versions. Two volumes of The Kitchen Sink and Trademark Hip Hop are all available for instant download at just $39 in format here! All are available for instant download now from!

Remix II now available via download!

Hot on the heels of Remix! itself are the WAV and REX versions of Remix II: First Among Sequels! Once again the winning mix of commercial drum loops, dance samples and DJ Tools are including making this another valuable addition to your sample library. Available now from!

AMG release Freak Box!

Freak Box is the brand new sample library from DJ Harsh aka Oliver Wüst and Ralf Nötzel - a massive collection of around 2200 loops and samples with no fillers. All bar a small handful of one-shot sounds are presented in REX format. Following on where his Sample Messiah library left off this library once again is a gold mine of modern, underground european dance samples fresh from club dance floors of Berlin. Available in three parts for $39 or all three for $99 it’s available now for instant download here!