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Apple Loops, GarageBand Ints, iPhone Ringtones, SFX, Multimedia and more

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Apple Loops, GarageBand Instruments, Ringtones, SFX, Multimedia Music

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AMG is only a couple of years old, it was born at the same time as the product of the same name and became the home for all our Apple-dedicated releases. It's recently had a major overall, a shopping cart added and lots of other new features to improve it and we'll continue to add to these improvements. Apple Loops & more for Logic & GarageBand

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Music titles - Over the last half a decade or so AMG have become Apple's leading third party music software supplier. Apple have stocked a wide range of our products, offering them both in retail stores and on-line.
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Multimedia titles - In recent years AMG have diversified their range to offer titles for users of iMovie, Final Cut, iLife, iPhones and more.