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Pioneers in professional sample libraries for almost 28 years... AMG's main sample site - ReFills, REX, WAV, Audio, etc.

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AMG is the old stager of the family. It's been with us for well over a decade and has, unfortunately, not changed too much in all those years! Being established as one of the first sample websites has it's problems, if you do a major update you can lose all the existing links. So although it has had a lot of work done behind the scenes there hasn't been too much on the surface. We are figuring a few things out though and this is changing, a little bit... UPDATE: There has now been a re-design of all but the store itself and we're supplying all the products possible via download by default as well.

REX Files, Apple Loops, Reason ReFills, Garageband Ints, WAV Files +1

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Physical Products - you'll find all the physical versions of all AMG releases still in print here. Even the really old audio CDs that no one's interested in any more are here. Just in case you want that special sample you can't get anywhere else. Hopefully all of them will be available in WAV version at least before too long. Order here and we'll normally give you the option to download anyway, nearly everyone prefers that these days.
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Native Formats - are also available here. EXS, HALion, Kontakt and a few more obscure ones are also still offered if that's what you're after. Many are available as downloads elsewhere too, but some are so niche it's physical versions or nothing.