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  • I applied for a license file but I haven't had it so far...
    We do currently ask for users to allow 24-48 hours for their license file because we deal with these manually and check everything with each application. We often supply them in a matter of a few hours but it does depend on what time you apply and which time zone you are in as much as anything. We might well automate this for customers who we already know to speed things up in future and generally improve the system to make it quicker but no less accurate.
    If however you don't have your license file after an extended period of time it may be the result of the increasing blight of spam filtering. Feel free to contact us to check on progress and supply as many e-mail addresses as possible and we'll re-send any license files we already sent to all these addresses to try and ensure you get it through OK at the second attempt.
  • Where can I learn more about AMG products?
    See each of the sections here for details of the dedicated sites that feature MUCH more info, downloads, reviews and more.
  • Soundtracks for iMovie Commercial License Info...
    'Soundtracks for iMovie' is a superb collection of music specifically created for multimedia and licensed for personal and academic use only. However, we know you may well want to use them for non-personal projects. This is considered a 'commercial' use and requires clearance in advance.
    If you're interested is using a song from 'Soundtracks for iMovie' in a commercial work (TV, professional film, advertisements, for-profit broadcasting, etc.), then please e-mail [email protected] with details of the tracks you wish to use, your project and of course all your contact info. You'll get an automated reply pretty much instantly and we'll get right back to you with the details of our easy, one-stop licensing process. 
  • How do I authorise my new AMG software?
    Please refer to the supplied PDF manual (also available to download from the respective page on too) for your software in question. This will detail the appropriate steps necessary to register and authorise your software so it will work as intended. 
    Things to note:
    1. Your software will not work until it has been correctly authorised. It will give you a 'fatal error' message.
    2. Once you have your license file please be sure to save it in the correct format (ending .kbl for KAB or .onl for ONE) rather than .txt, .html or anything else and in the correct place.
    3. It should work! If not check the location of the file is correct. Try deleting the cache files in this folder and check they re-appear when you quit and re-load your plug-in. If so it proves your library path is correct, if not then check and fix your library path.
    4. If this fails then the best thing to do is contact us and supply your machine ID to check this is the same as the one you originally submitted - of course you must use the machine ID from the computer you wish to run the plug-in on! People sometimes try and type the 32 digit machine ID too - don't!
    5. The license file activates all versions of the software on that computer. You have a reserve authorisation that you should generally only use in an emergency or when you buy a new computer and it becomes essential. You are granted additional reserves from time to time so that you never run out as long as you don't need too many license files in too short a period. We judge each application on it's merits and after a few years have had very few instances where this has caused a user any problems. 
  • How can I use the sounds I have bought from AMG?
    The exact license terms can vary slightly from title to title so there's not one straight answer to this question really. The first thing to do is to check the license terms printed on the product's artwork and sometimes repeated on the CD itself and also on PDF's on the disc too.
    Other points to note:
    1. Our earlier releases basically have terms which usually come down to 'you can use the samples in your music as you have bought the library'. The more recent releases have a written license that's a bit more involved but ultimately says the same thing.
    2. The written license requires you to supply a UPN (Unique Product Number) with your written license application. If you have bought direct from AMG you can quote the invoice number instead. Purchases via download will basically include the agreement of the written license during the purchase process.
    3. All sounds supplied as DEMO should not be used for anything except for auditioning purposes. If you wish to use them in your songs you should purchase the appropriate CD before doing so.
    4. License terms are unnecessarily complicated to ensure they are effective. Will will waive these terms to any appropriately licensed user upon request however they cannot under any circumstances be waived unless a user has previously completed their license and agreed to be bound by these terms.
    5. Some titles have specific terms that vary from the standard that was necessary for their production. Two prime examples are Vince Clarke's Lucky Bastard and the Black II Black Killer Vocals series.